The Charmandean is part of Worthing’s heritage.

The Charmandean Centre sits in the former grounds of the Charmandean House. The grounds were sold off in two parts and in 1926 the Southern parts of the grounds were sold off and developed. The Charmandean Centre is now located in this part. The northern parts of the grounds were sold off and developed around 1955 and in 1963, the Charmandean House, itself, was demolished.

The Charmandean Centre was originally built as a drill hall, for use by the Territorial Army. It was purchased in the early 1970’s by the Masons of Worthing. From the 1970’s on-wards the Charmandean Centre has primarily been a masonic centre. It is also now a multi-purpose venue which, is known for hosting a variety of exhibitions, fairs and social events.

The Charmandean Centre is available to be hired for conferences, seminars, wedding receptions, parties, wakes, fairs, exhibitions and corporate parties.If you would like more details about the venue please review this website and contact our events team.

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